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Our Self-Defense Seminars Offer Weapons Training And Street Seminars

Don't let danger catch you off-guard. At Jurassic Martial Arts + Fitness, we're proud to offer men and women across Palmetto and Memphis access to some of the best self-defense training in town. 

Our classes include weapons-based training with a focus on traditional forms AND street Self-Defense seminars. 

We offer these periodic seminars in partnership with local businesses and organizations across our community. These seminars are the perfect supplement to our primary Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu programs. 

Complete beginners and experienced martial artists alike are welcome to join us. 

Take On The Art Of Extended Hand In Our Self-Defense Program 

At Jurassic Martial Arts + Fitness, we teach weapons-based self-defense as an extension of your body, using instinctive movements with conventional and non-conventional weapons.

Whether you're training for the competition setting or you're hoping to stay safe in any real-world situation, our Self-Defense training has you covered. We teach this system in a yearly progression with a belt system that can keep you motivated and driven to improve each and every day. Sparring in this style is carried out with specialized armor and equipment. 

Join us in Palmetto today for self-defense strategies using:

  • Bokken (sword)
  • Bo staff
  • Escrima (batons)
  • and Knives

PLUS, You Can Master Street Self-Defense With A Cutting-Edge Seminar

Held throughout the year, these Self-Defense seminars offer one-day and two-day courses on self-defense strategies for the real world. We'll help you improve your situational awareness and reaction times while also challenging you to be more powerful and precise in every movement. 

Discounts are offered to all servicemen, including military, police, paramedic, firefighters, and teachers.

We're helping everyone in Palmetto and Memphis:

  • React to a threat with speed and strategy
  • Stay confident in high-stress situations 
  • Build total-body strength & fitness 
  • Feel more accomplished than ever before

Take On Palmetto's Best Self-Defense Training Today!

Challenge your body and your mind today with our Self-Defense seminars at Jurassic Martial Arts + Fitness. 

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Our traditional martial arts system is a systemic implementation of self-defense varying with street-defense, weapons, taekwondo, and now developing program of BJJ. Join us in Palmetto today and see it for yourself.