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What Is Taekwondo?

Literally, “Taekwondo” stands for “the art of hand and foot”. Taekwondo collectively indicates the mental training and the techniques of unarmed combat for self-defense as well as health, involving the skilled application of kicks, punches, blocks and dodges with bare hands and feet to the rapid destruction of the moving opponent(s).

Taekwondo is the scientific use of the body in the method of self-defense: a body that has gained the ultimate use of its faculties through intensive physical and mental training. It also implies a way of thinking and life, particularly in instilling a spirit of strict self-imposed discipline. Every single movement of Taekwondo is scientifically designed with a specific purpose. All of the tremendous power generated from one’s training develops the self-confidence to meet any opponent, at any place and in any situation.

Philosophy / Guidelines

*One should be willing to go where the going may be tough and do the things that are worth doing even though they are difficult

*Be gentle to the weak, and tough to the strong

*Always finish what you begin

* Teach attitude and skill with action rather than words

* Always set a good example. Lower ranking students will attempt to emulate senior students. Also, remember that a student’s conduct outside of class reflects on the art of the instructor.

* Never tire of learning. A good student can learn anywhere, anytime. This is the secret of knowledge.

* Be willing to sacrifice for the art and instructor. Many students feel that their training is a product bought with monthly dues, and are unwilling to work hard in the school and train at home. It is more than a product and more than a choice… it is an opportunity, privilege, and a chance to change your life and the lives of those around you.

Life at Jurassic Martial Arts + Fitness

We are a competitive force in the martial arts world; we compete in numerous competitions in the American Taekwondo Foundation, as well as local and national open tournaments. We have the energetic drive to succeed and push ourselves to practice harder. We practice forms, contact sparring, self-defense, weapons, and even varying mixtures of contact sparring involving martial arts outside of Taekwondo (including kickboxing, grappling, full contact, and weapons sparring). Contact sparring is a crucial element to learning self-defense, as well as tactical practice and implementation of swift passive, or destructive techniques to defend against an attacker.


The tenets of Taekwondo are our creed of living as a martial artist. May no student who is part of our dojang ever stray from this oath. Every class rehearses the tenets to remind us of our commitment.


Is the behavior that comes from a respectful attitude. Respect is the attitude that stems from humility. Each student must recognize how much there is to learn and that it is necessary to have someone teach the way. It is respect that will enable the student to be open to learning that comes from the instructor and from the deep places in the heart where spirituality is nourished. This is why we bow to our instructor. This is why we bow as we enter and leave the dojangi. This is why we bow to ourselves whenever we practice alone before the wall of mirrors in the dojang or in our basement.


Is the completeness one attains from adhering to a code of values. For example, sincerity, honesty and loyalty towards oneself and others. Wrong doing can lead to a path of personal deceit and destruction that stems from feelings guilt which is the conscious mind allowing one to see the error of his ways.


Is the nectar of sweat that yields the honey of accomplishment. The martial arts are a lifelong venture. This venture can be begun by the timid but it can only be continued by those who discover perseverance within themselves. This quality can be learned as long as the student simply says "one more try." Perseverance means that one has learned the art of living with adversity while still keeping one’s sights on goals.


Mastery over one’s behavior is a vital component in the maturing process. So many children have benefited from their experience with martial arts because they have learned self-control. This enables them to direct their energies in creative ways such as attaining better grades in school, having more respect and acceptance of responsibilities given from teachers and parents, and developing a circle of friends based on the positive human values of gentleness and caring rather than rowdiness or intimidation.


This is the will to do one’s best with all one has against even the most insurmountable odds. It reflects a personal desire to achieve through setting and working toward goals.

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